On The Fly (Part 2)

Great minds think alike! I wrote about the impact  on the impact of agile software development on documentation (see On The Fly) where I shared my experiences how the frequent (and often extensive) changes to product features make it difficult to create conventional documentation such as product manuals and online help within tight project deadlines. After that post, I came across The Agile Technical Writer and The Agile Technical Writer II by Susan Maddox. Based on her experiences working on agile projects. she came to the conclusion that, rather than her role as a technical writer being cut out of the loop, she finds it has become even more interesting, exciting, and valuable.  She said, “As a technical writer, my aim is to reduce other people’s work, by making the documentation as simple and useful as possible. It takes a lot of work to achieve that simplicity. But it’s awesome because it’s what I love doing.”

I couldn’t agree with her more wholeheartedly. I urge you to read Susan’s posts to get a another insider’s perspective on the impact that agile development is having on how products and services are documented.


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